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.....Greetings my name is Efren J Martin; I was born and raised in Modesto. I'm a Beyer High Graduate with an Associate degree in Arts degree in Behavioral and Social Sciences. I enjoy living a healthy and active lifestyle as a DJ and Tri-Athlete.  Ever since I was a young boy of 13 I knew that music and entertaining others was what I was meant to do.  In High School I was the DJ for many of the school dances in our area.  As I grew into my experience as a DJ; I found myself volunteering my time as a radio disc jockey for K.U.O.P. in Stockton, CA. 

Shortly after that, I moved on down South to further my talents with EMI records for a short time, I then joined Bill Graham Presents working in the Bay Area as a Sound Engineer in 1987.  It was that year when I started to form The Quake Mobile DJ.  I got the idea (The Quake) from a radio station in San Francisco I use to listen to back in the early 1980's.  I was big on Graheam Dean�s rock over London back then.  The radio program; �Rock over London� only aired on Saturday�s for just a few hours, but I never missed the program.

Efren J Martin 

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I have always been a big music fanatic since I was a kid and like most, have always went back and forth to a variety of music genres. Some of my favorite bands that I listened to back when I was a kid were, New Order, B52's, Depeche Mode, and The Pet Shop Boys.

For more information on my experience in Entertaining see my resume button above. I hoped you enjoyed this short biography and I invite you to visit our other web pages.

Our 1967 VW Bus
One of our Chrysler Town & Country vans
Completely restored for our outdoor gigs/shows.
For those in & out of town events.


As a Tri-Athlete I�m very much into fitness and if I�m not competing in the race, I most likely am Entertaining and Emceeing the Event.  Below are a few photos of The Quake (Efren J) Entertaining and or competing in a few International Fitness Events.


The Quake Spotted busting out some dance moves at The 4th of July Parade

To find out more in regards to my Entertainment & Fitness Events, log onto The Modesto View Magazine Here.  

I am the Entertainment and Fitness editor for the magazine. 

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